TxDOT starts 'End the Streak Tx' campaign after 50K fatalities

TxDOT starts 'End the Streak Tx' campaign after 50K fatalities

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Texas Department of Transportation has been monitoring the number of motor vehicle fatalities since November 7, 2000.  Texas reached a grim milestone this weekend as at least one person has died on the roadway everyday for the past 15 years.

You start your car and head to work or school.

"It's something a lot of us don't even think about," said Rhonda Oaks, Public Information Officer for TXDOT. "You get in your car and never think that you might not make it home depending on how you're driving or how someone else is driving."

It's an issue TxDOT officials have followed closely.

"Tomorrow actually marks a pretty grim anniversary in the state of Texas," Oaks said.

They've measured staggering numbers and a streak of deaths on roadways starting 15 years ago.

"We have not seen a day since the year 2000 with a fatality," Oaks said.

That's 5,478 days straight with at least one fatality. It adds up to over 50,000 Texans dead as a result of accidents. Last year, nearly 100 of those were here in East Texas.

The grim numbers prompted the "End the Streak Tx" campaign continuing all through November.

"We decided this is the best time. Let's roll it out, let's make the public aware in an effort to get them to stop and think about their own driving habits," Oaks said.

TxDOT has several projects made to better maneuverability on roads, but when you look into the causes behind these fatalities, the projects can only help so much.

"Drinking and driving, distracted driving, and unrestrained motorists," in that order are the top causes of fatalities.

TxDOT's social media pages will share facts, information, and invite the public to share stories of loved ones lost in car crashes.

"That family member was out doing something and was going to be home at some point and they don't ever make it home," Oaks said.

For those some thousands of family members lost, TxDOT wants Texas to show commitment to decrease the numbers.

"We want to slow the rate down, and we think we can," Oaks said.

If you'd like to join the "End the Streak Texas" campaign, you can share tweets or any posts using the hashtag #EndthestreakTX. Copyright

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