Family and supporters meet in Jasper to memorialize Alfred Wright's life

Family and supporters meet in Jasper to memorialize Alfred Wright's life

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - Two years ago on November 7 a deep East Texas man went missing in Hemphill. Family and friends of Alfred Wright found his body in a wooded area in Sabine County, a few hundred yards from where authority search crews initially looked for him.

The condition, and location of Wrights body raised a lot of suspicion among family members and some East Texans in that community.

Now we fast forward to two years later and the Wright family is still asking for answers.

"Every day I think about him, everyday I'm searching for justice," Terrance Bean, Alfred Best Friend

Looking back at Alfred Wright's life, family and friends are still in disbelief about the death of their loved one.

"I never thought in a million years that after you go to college and become successful that you could end up like this," Bean said

For Bean it seemed like Alfred had done life right.

"He was happy, he was successful," Bean said. "You graduate, get a nice job move back to your home town with your family. It's supposed to be all good after that."

Then the unthinkable happened, Alfred went missing and was later found by a search party put together by the Wright family, who told us they still haven't found closure.

"There is no closure, and I don't think closure will come until the culprits are caught, who did this heinous thing to my child," Rosalind Wright, Alfred's mother said.

Saturday members of the new Black Panther Party, who have been helping the family, drove down from Houston.

"We are here to assist the family with seeking justice for whatever level we can receive it," Krystal Muhammad, National Chair member of the New Black Panther Party said.  "We are not going to allow the case to be swept under the rug, its two years later and we're still here."

With all the controversy surrounding Alfred's death his mother said her spiritual belief helps her get through every day.

"Without my faith that I have in God, there is no possibility that I could have," Rosalind said. "My faith is the only thing that has gotten me through all of this."

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