City of Huntington exploring offering wireless internet to residents

City of Huntington exploring offering wireless internet to residents

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - The Huntington City Council held a workshop Tuesday evening and one of the things on the agenda was the possibility of offering wireless internet to its residents.

Several in Huntington have said they are less than satisfied when it comes to logging onto the internet.

The only options available to residents are satellite internet companies and apparently they aren't always reliable.

Some in Huntington have said a lot of the time they can't use their services. It makes it difficult for students to do their homework, people to pay bills, and do several other day-to-day tasks that require the internet.

"My husband and I are very frustrated with it," said Huntington resident Johnna Knox. "We're about ready to just say to heck with it and go with just using our phone. A lot of times we try to go on it and it'll say website not available."

The proposed plan would allow the city to sell wireless internet through a vendor, Midland Group, who has had success with this plan across the southwestern United States. The plan would include installing the server on the Huntington water tower, which would extend out to a 7 mile radius.

Huntington would be first city around the region to have anything like this.

The plan could even be a potential revenue stream to the city that could go towards fixing potholes and other problems around town.

City Council members said they were intrigued to hear the proposal and what it could do for Huntington.

"I know a lot of people are unhappy with the service we have now," said City Councilman Todd Ricks. "I think it would be a great opportunity to come to town  to please the citizens. We're getting many other things coming to the town and I think it's just another step in moving us to the next century.

Tuesday night was the first time the City Council was addressed about the proposal. They said they will take what they heard Tuesday night into consideration and if they agree it's what's best for Huntington moving forward, they will invite the vendor to speak again and work with them to make wireless internet a possibility.

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