Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Vandals damage horse statue worth thousands

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Vandals damage horse statue worth thousands

LUFKIN, TX (News Release) - From Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

Vandalism is a nation-wide problem that costs as much as $1 billion annually. Whether you are directly a victim or not, vandalism - Criminal mischief under Texas law - impacts all of us in one way or another, be it through our family, friends, property, community, or our wallet. The financial effects include higher taxes and increased insurance rates.

Criminal mischief occurs when a person, without the effective consent of the owner, intentionally or knowingly damages or destroys another's property. It is not a prank; it is a crime.

The night of Friday, November 6, someone destroyed a statue of a horse on Bartmess Drive in Lufkin. An area resident called the police department shortly before midnight to report finding the statute in a ditch approximately 150 yards from its original location. The horse's hooves were damaged when it was ripped from its pedestal and its head was cracked when it fell to the ground.

The images included here show the statue before and after the crime. The statue cost its owner several thousand dollars and repairing it, if repairs are possible, will cost many thousand more.

If you know the identity of the vandals who destroyed this victim's property or if you can provide information that will help solve the crime, call Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward if the information you provide leads to an arrest.