Rising Gas Prices Are Tough For Drivers On Fixed Income

The only thing worse than seeing gas prices go through the roof is knowing there's nothing you can do about it.  That's especially tough for folks with limited funds...folks like Orpha McCall who drives to Victoria once a month to see her family.

"We're sort of on a fixed income and when things go up, we don't have any increase in salary," McCall said.

Harold Palmour is also on a fixed income.  He worked in the oil industry for 40 years and doesn't expect gas prices to plummet any time soon.  That's not because gas stations are looking to get rich.

"We haven't had any new refineries built in two decades almost and it's supply and demand," Palmour said.  "If the demand is there, the gas prices are going up."

At almost $2 a gallon for regular gas, some drivers just grin and bear it.  Others have to make small sacrifices just to make ends meet.

Palmour said, "I guess it just lowered my standard of living a little bit."

That seems to be the case for a lot of elderly drivers trying to save a few bucks.