Overflowing creek pushes Pollok home into street

Overflowing creek pushes Pollok home into street

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Flooded highways maybe an expected sight to see on days like this.

Tuesday one Pollok family came home to an unexpected sight. Their home floated into the middle of the street!

This is crazy, I mean, it's unseen," Glenn Youngblood, an East Texas traveler said.

"Especially twice like this, it's pretty unusual," David Allen, a mechanic for Angelina Co. precinct 1 said.

For some East Texans who have to drive down Durant road in Pollok this really puts a damper in their day.

"You have to go all the way around to FM 2021 because the house has the whole road blocked," Youngblood said.

This isn't the first time Youngblood had to deal with this detour.

"It was an older building here before, when the last big rain we had that washed it across the road," Youngblood said.

For the second time in less than a year Judy Fenley's second home has made its way into the middle of Durant Road. Since the home is located on the bank of a creek the overflow of water sent the home on a slippery slope.

"From central to this area there is a massive amount of water that comes through that creek," Allen said. "The people need to probably put it in a different location as bad as this spot has been. We got two in a row."

Fenley's previous home was pushed into the road six months ago and was destroyed due to its size. This time, even though the sun isn't out, there's a bright side.

"We had to rent a reach lift and fort trucks to try and get it out," Allen said. "We tore it up trying to get it out of the road. This one looks like it'll be able to slide underneath and we'll be able to pull it out."

Fenely's house has been moved out of the street. She said her plan now is to figure out a way to prevent this from happening again.

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