East Texas storm destroys farm in Garrison

East Texas storm destroys farm in Garrison
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

GARRISON, TX (KTRE) - The damage left behind by the storms that hit Deep East Texas Tuesday caused major flooding across the region, but one family in Garrison experienced much more.

"I wish it hadn't happened but this is not going to ruin my day," said Olan Woodard, owner of the farm destroyed by storm.

An admirable outlook to have, in the aftermath of the storm which showed no mercy to what just hours ago was a chicken farm.

"I could hear a roaring thunder, a whistling type sound. It was just a few seconds and then it was over," Woodard said.

And what that powerful storm left behind in its wrath, nothing more than scraps of metal, taking with it 25 years of hard work and thousands of dollars worth of equipment…now useless.

"I had never heard that sound so I didn't really know what I was hearing and in a few minutes I went to the back door and looked out and I realized what I had heard," Woodard said.

It's a devastating blow for Woodard who believes this is the work of a tornado.

"Wow! I never thought of this," Woodard said. "It's a lot more work here than one man can do. I can see that".

Though the storm has moved on, the debris remains. And while Woodard says he will clean things up…

"I won't rebuild. It'll just be cost-prohibiting for me to do that," Woodard said.

An uncertain future lies ahead for the longtime farmer, but one thing, he says, is clear.

"Out of all of it we still have joy, to thank God that we were spared from it," Woodard said.

It's important to note no chickens were harmed during the storm. The Woodard's have contacted the National Weather Service to determine whether or not the damage was caused by a tornado. They are still waiting on that response.

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