Lufkin man on trial in break-in robbery of woman

Kentavian Holman (Source: Angelina County Jail)
Kentavian Holman (Source: Angelina County Jail)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The trial has begun for a Lufkin man accused of breaking in to a woman's home and stealing her money in September 2014.

Kentavian Holman, 20, is charged with first-degree aggravated robbery.

According to police reports, Holman walked into the front door of the Hackney Street home of Peggy Beddingfield and demanded her money by threatening her with a knife and throwing her walker across the room. He took $40 in cash and coins and ran from the home. A witness recognized Holman and saw him drop his knife.

Beddingfield was the first witness to take the stand Wednesday. She testified that Holman came into her house that Sunday while she was watching TV.

Beddingfield said Holman held a knife at her neck and asked where the money was before going through her home and taking her phone out of her room.

Beddingfield said she had a vague memory of what Holman was wearing.

"When someone has a knife toward your throat, you don't pay attention to the color of their shirt," she said.

Beddingfield's daughter, Debbie Woodward, also took the stand.

She said she was concerned about her mother hurting herself.

"We were afraid she would fall again because she was weak," Woodward said.

Woodward said her mother has calmed down more but still gets frustrated when she has to talk about the robbery.

"We don't discuss it because she gets upset," Woodward said. "With her condition as it is we don't want her to be upset."

Woodward said her mother's long-term memory is not good after suffering a stroke, but the trauma from the incident has left Beddingfield with a thorough memory of the robbery.

Giovanet Moreland, a dispatcher with the Lufkin Police Department, said Woodard was frantic when she made the  911 call.

Jason Vance, a Lufkin Police officer testified that he received the call about the home-invasion robbery. He said Beddingfield told him someone came in and stole her money.

Later in his testimony, Vance said described how they handled the crime scene. He dusted the home for fingerprints and took pictures that were presented to the court as evidence.

Vance said they didn't get any results from the fingerprints he lifted from the door.

Then the state played audio of Vance speaking to Beddingfield. Later in the audio, Vance could be heard speaking to the person who found the knife.

In additional audio, a witness described what the suspect looked like. However, the witness' description of what he saw wasn't the same as Beddington's.

In recorded conversation with Lufkin Police Officer Hector Rosales, witness David Hughes said he saw Holman walking fast and that he threw a shiny object into the grass. He described the object as a large knife or a machete.

Hughes told the jury that he told Vance that he knew who he was and where he threw the knife.

"After he threw it, he took off running towards his mother's house," Hughes said.

Hughes said he knew Holman's mother from dating one of Holman's friends and explained that he first saw Holman at his brother's house.

"I've been robbed. I've been a victim, so I am concerned," Hughes said.

When Rosales took the stand later in the day's testimony, he said that Hughes flagged him down and told him that he saw Holman running through the neighborhood.

At that point, the state showed the jury pictures of where they found the knife. Later, the state played a video of Hughes taking Rosales to where he found the knife.

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