East Texas church prays for peace following Paris attacks

East Texas church prays for peace following Paris attacks
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Just days following the attacks on Paris, members of the First Christian Church in Nacogdoches held a special prayer service earlier tonight.

"I thought it was tragic. It's such a beautiful city; it's the city of love and to have to go through something like that it just devastating," said Kathy Kuban.

And it's that devastation which brought dozens together tonight, in prayer.

"Help them, make them feel better," prayed one small boy.

A prayer for healing from those in Nacogdoches standing in solidarity and in silence.

They also prayed for understanding, each aware the tables could easily be turned.

"It could be us. It's a war on Christianity and it's a war on faith. Christians are brothers and sisters and we love them just like they love us," Kuban said.

And tonight it was an outpouring of that love, from one city to another, each over four thousand miles apart.

"They won't even know we were here, but we will and God will. If there were lots of these small groups everywhere, I mean that makes one loud voice," said Bruce Hendry.

For Kuban, the tragedy rubs a special nerve.

"My dad was in Paris four months ago and he just raved about what a wonderful city it was and it to hit home that if this were four months ago my dad would have been in the middle of it," Kuban said.

Those here tonight say though the healing process while be long and hard, it's one the people of Paris won't have to endure alone.

"Even after something like this, we have to praise God, through our sorrow," said Sandy Hendry.

Tonight's group says their prayer for peace for the people of Paris will go well past tonight.

They hope more groups will come together during such times of need.

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