Several pastors unite for community Thanksgiving in Diboll

Several pastors unite for community Thanksgiving in Diboll
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - With Thanksgiving just days away, for many the race to prepare that holiday meal is on. But several pastors from one Angelina County community took time to provide a hot meal to what they consider very deserving residents.

"Together we stand and divided we fall, so I'm proud to know that Diboll has come together and we are one big family," said Mabel Johnson, a 46 year resident of Diboll.

One big family, together again. And while the turkey and dressing might have been the star of the show, they weren't the only things on the menu.

"It does my heart all of the good in the world to see this many people gathered in one place enjoying a meal…without any trouble," said Elliott Gordon, a life-long resident of Diboll.

It's a meal volunteers from the community spent hours preparing, all to ensure a mouth present, was a mouth fed.

"As ministers and preachers and pastors, we wanted to do something to serve the people. Typically they serve us and we thought this would be a great time, a great opportunity to give them a meal and an encouraging word," said Minister Kenith Johnson of St. Thomas Spirit and Truth Ministry.

And as for that encouraging word…

"Unity. A lot of times when you see unity, you see prosperity, and if you have prosperity, you can grow and expand into whatever," said Sherecia Shepherd.

Uniting, during a season of love, all for a cause greater than themselves.

"We can stand side-by-side, it doesn't matter the race or religion. We can bring four or five different churches together and small business together and we can come for the purpose of the people," said Pastor Tammy Holder of New Life Church.

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