Corrigan’s midseason hardships translate to postseason success

Corrigan’s midseason hardships translate to postseason success

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - Considering what Corrigan went through this year, many wouldn't have bet that the Bulldogs would be three rounds deep into the playoff run.

Corrigan lost some key players to their lineup in the middle of the year, but after a few episodes of magical chairs to find the right fit for new players in new positions and a couple loses later, Corrigan has found their groove.

"We always had those doubters but we tried to tune them out because we're not playing for them. We're playing for ourselves," said running back Lakendrick Moore.

"That's exactly what helps push us and motivate us because we know there are a lot of people who don't think we can do things and we just go out every week and prove them wrong," said linebacker La'darius Hamilton.

So to the doubters, Corrigan says thank you.

The starting lineup changed drastically from what the Bulldogs had planned, losing big-time players including one of the rushing leaders in all of East Texas. With those losses, the team came together and made changes. Players switched positions and sophomores were made to start playing like juniors.

"This has turned into a great football team. It's been a fun team," said head coach Seven Armstrong. "Sometimes you learn a lot about a kid when something goes bad and these kids have handled some things that went bad. They handled them correctly and got better because of it."

Four loses in a season is rare in Corrigan, but they've since made a turnaround from their mid-season obstacles including beating Trinity in the playoffs 64-28. The Bulldogs formally lost to the Tigers earlier this year 43-32.

The Bulldogs went from losing games by as many as 49 points in the season to averaging 71 points in their postseason run.

"I'm not surprised. We've been working really hard. The effort shows. The proof is in the pudding. When you put in the work the results come," said Hamilton.

"We're a way better team. We're on a good roll right now. We're focused and we got one thing in mind right now," said Moore.

Corrigan's next stop in the playoff run is against Crockett. The two will be at Abe Martin Stadium in Lufkin Friday night starting at 7:30 p.m.

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