Morning Crime Spree Keeps Authorities Busy

Randall Shepherd
Randall Shepherd

Thursday was a hectic day for law least two separate crimes, just minutes apart.  It all started at the Insta Cash pawn shop in Lufkin.

Four people reportedly came into the store Thursday morning to pawn stolen items.  A deputy driving by spotted their car in the parking lot and confronted the group.  One of the suspects took off and that's when the next crime was committed.

State troopers were assisting city and county authorities with a burglary in downtown Lufkin.  Out of nowhere, Randall Shepherd sped past all the commotion and the second chase of the day was on.

Shepherd sped through stop signs and red lights going up to 100 miles an hour. Troopers finally got him to stop.

Trooper Greg Sanches said, "During this pursuit, we were on a narrow street and nobody was around at the time and we were able to get directly behind the vehicle so we could shoot directly into the tires."

Shepherd is now in the Angelina County jail facing several felony charges.  It turns out, he was already a wanted man.

Sanches said, "The subject got out, we were able to arrest him.  He stated he had warrants out of other counties.  Also, inside the vehicle we found drugs. The subject will be charged with possession of drugs and fleeing from a peace officer."

Although state troopers caught up with the guy they were looking for, sheriff's deputies are still looking for the 19 year-old involved in the pawn shop case. Meanwhile, they arrested two minors and 18 year-old Arthur Clay, III for burglary.  They reportedly broke into one of the suspect's relative's homes and stole two TVs and stereo equipment.

The two minors are in custody with the juvenile probation department.  Clay is in the Angelina County Jail.

Brandon Wade Rosson is the fourth suspect involved.  He faces several charges, including engaging in organized criminal activity and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

The equipment those suspects reportedly stole actually belonged to one of the suspect's own parents.  They broke into a home and planned to fence those items for cash.  The manager of Insta Cash said they came into the store to find out what merchandise they could pawn.

Employees are trained to recognize stolen items, either by asking questions or making sure the merchandise actually belongs to the customer.

Police say family theft is very common, and they treat each case the same because all theft is a crime.

Lt. Greg Denman said, "It all just falls under theft, unless the homeowner wasn't at home and they found that the house has been entered; then, unless that family member lives there in that house, it's a burglary."

The four got caught after a neighbor saw them breaking into the home and gave police a description of their car.

Brandon Wade Rosson is from the Baytown area.  Authorities say that's where he stole the car he used to pick up his three accomplices in Lufkin.  It turns out, they wanted to pawn those stolen items to have money for a trip to Padre Island.