TABC Looking For Underage Drinkers

by Jessica Cervantez

There is no doubt kids have been counting down the days. And Friday, Spring Break finally begins for many East Texas schools. But, when students are on vacation, agents for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission are working extra hard trying to stop underage drinking.

TABC Agent Jeff Taylor had a trunk full of alcohol recently seized.

Taylor said, "Some of it is from minors, the rest of it is from bootleggers trying to sell it."

They are expecting a busy month full of spring breakers who will likely stick around East Texas because of high gas prices.

"We're really targeting state parks like Sam Rayburn."

What is shocking is agents are seeing children as young as elementary age drinking alcohol. They want parents to be aware.

Taylor said, "Don't ever think your kids won't do that, because when you do, that's when they will surprise you."

Agents are also noticing that it might be easier for minors to get ahold of alcohol in dry areas, than in wet. He says bootleggers don't care who they sell to.

Taylor said, "Their main concern is just to sale it and make a profit."

Agent Taylor has several stings planned starting Thursday night to make sure alcohol is out of the hands of minors.

Agent Taylor says they will be targeting area lakes to make sure there's no underage drinking there. They hope their efforts will help make spring break a safe and happy one this year.