Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Ammo theft

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week: Ammo theft

From Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers

LUFKIN, TX - A man and woman stole nearly a dozen cases of ammunition from Academy in Lufkin and Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers wants to pay a reward for information that puts them in jail.

Anyone who has stood in line during the recent ammo shortage for a chance to buy one or two boxes of bullets should be outraged when they watch these thieves fill a shopping cart with cases of rifle and pistol ammo and walk out of the store without paying.

The couple split up inside the store and the woman loaded a buggy with cases of .223 and a case of pistol ammo before handing it off to the man and returning to their car. Employees said the man pushed the ammo to the customer service counter, bypassing the cash registers, and gave an employee two shirts that he claimed had not been rang up when he checked out.

He was attempting to fool the employee into believing he had paid for the ammo and it worked, at least temporarily. The employee was suspicious and reported the incident to a manager and the theft was discovered when they reviewed security videos. Portions of the videos are posted online at and

Both suspects are white, overweight, and have brown hair; the man has a mustache and goatee. They drove a small, dark colored car.

If you can identify either of the thieves, call Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS or submit a tip online at Crime Stoppers calls and tips are anonymous and Crime Stoppers may pay a reward if the information you provide leads to an arrest.