Nacogdoches Co. preps for road repairs from spring storms

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Here it is December and Nacogdoches County has just recently finalized documentation of road damage caused by the May and June storms.

County employees have been working to complete the process for FEMA reimbursement.

Throughout the day dump trucks haul road material to the Nacogdoches Road and Bridge Department. Crews are stockpiling the broken up asphalt in anticipation of a dry day so it can be placed on washed out roads.

Road Administrator Doyle Williams is nearing the end of a very long repair list that he's been carrying around for six months.

"We still lack 13 roads of completing the whole project list which is about 120 roads," Williams said.

Williams and Emergency Management Coordinator Tara Triana have mailed off completed documentation to FEMA with more to follow. The tedious process requires damage site information, numerous pictures, and daily work reports.

"FEMA representatives have changed now two to three times," Triana said. "We recevived different instructions on how to send information in."

FEMA allows a 75/25 cost share.

Since July only one project has been approved for funding, with two others still in the wings.

"Twenty-two roads have been turned into FEMA that total approximately $300,000," Triana said. "It's broken up across three different projects."

Since spring there have been two floods. The county bares the cost of repair re-dos.

"A couple of the projects we had completed actually washed back out, partially washed out, so we'll have to repair those on our own because FEMA won't cover that at this time," Williams said.

Despite the setbacks, the county is fairly confident funding may arrive sometime after the first of the year.

One bridge is still in need of repair and FEMA is preparing estimates for them. The contractor set to do the work has numerous jobs ahead of Nacogdoches County.

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