Break-ins on the rise in Angelina Co.

Break-ins on the rise in Angelina Co.
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A long list of break-ins have Angelina County officials concerned as the calendar gets closer to Christmas.

Over the last week the Angelina County Sheriff's office has responded to 18 break-ins of vehicles and homes.

"We have had a lot of cars get broken into and in one case we had a brick thrown through the window of a 90 year-old woman's home," Sheriff Greg Sanches said. "This is unacceptable."

According to recent Sheriff report logs, several guns, prescription medication, electronics, cash and purses have been stolen.

"Be on alert, be on the look out for anything that is unusual, take pictures, write down the numbers of the license plate, get the color of the car," Sanches said. "Also remember to lock their cars as well."

One of the hardest hit areas is the Bald Hill area. Jim Fenley Loop had three homes hit over the last week. For resident Terry Jones, news of the break-ins concerned him.

"I've lived out here 31 years and I have never had a problem," Jones said. "All the sudden I guess it is starting."

Jones said he is one to leave his vehicle unlocked but the rise in crime now has him thinking otherwise.

"We just watch the neighborhood, watch the cars that we don't know," Jones said. "Everybody just watches everybody's stuff around here."

Lufkin Police Spokesperson Jessica Pebsworth said now is the time of year to be on alert.

"With the holidays coming up we cannot stress the importance of locking up your cars," Pebsworth said. "If you are going anywhere for a long time then you want to take anything valuable and leave it out of your car."

Sanches said investigators are working on the cases and have talked to several suspects.

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