Woman Killed During Domestic Dispute

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis

Sheila Buggs Davis made a 911 call Thursday night.  She and her husband, 42 year-old Jimmy Davis, were in the middle of a fight when she called for help. Police say all she wanted was for him to get out of the house.

"Officers initially received a call of a family disturbance," said Lt. Greg Denman.  "When they got to the domestic dispute, they were told that the suspect had a gun."

Police had just transferred Mrs. Davis' frantic 911 call to an officer's cell phone. All of a sudden, shots rang out and the phone went dead.

"A short time later, all the occupants of the house came out.  Woman first, baby, and then the suspect.  When he came out, he came out with [his] hands up.  He was surrendering."

Sheila's daughter, granddaughter, and niece were also at home during the shooting.  Police found the handgun Davis used inside the house.  After searching the home for more victims, they took him to jail peacefully.

Jimmy Davis is in the Angelina County jail charged with murder.