Ax 'Em

by Jessica Cervantez

"Axe 'em Jacks" is a familiar motto, and that's just what a Stephen F. Austin State University student did in the axe throwing competition at the 48th Annual Conclave. It was just one of the many events that took place.

It takes skill, and a little luck to get these axes right in the bulls eye.

Jason Fisher, a SFA student, said, "It takes hand eye coordination and you need to focus."

14 schools are competing against each other for the axe title.

Fisher said he was a little nervous before his throw, because he had an audience.

"My family is in town, and I've never thrown in front of them," Fisher said.

SFA got fourth place in the competition, the man who led the pack was from the University of Arkansas, Brad Sears.

The competition only comes to Nacogdoches once every 14 years. Sears said he has really enjoyed his time in the pineywoods.

"I like the city and the people are really nice here," Sears said.

His secret to the game, practice, practice, and practice.

There is still much more excitement in this year's forestry competition. Saturday is a full day of events, beginning with archery at 8:00 a. m. and wrapping up with log chopping at 4:30 p. m. It all takes place at the Nacogdoches County Expo Center.