Officers Pay Tribute To Slain Colleague

Officer John Logan
Officer John Logan

Officer John Logan was just 33 years old when he was shot and killed by a man he pulled over during a routine traffic stop.  It's been many months since his untimely death.  His family still can't believe he's gone.

John's aunt, Shirley LeLeune, said, "It makes my heart so full of pride and joy to see all these people that loved him as we loved him.  It just -- it makes me so proud.  I can't tell you how proud it makes me."

The Huntington Police Department hosted a barbecue Saturday to celebrate the memory of one of its finest and to collect money for a monument in his honor.

"It's overwhelming," said John's mom, LaVerne Schwartz.  "We're really, really thankful to everyone, especially his friends that have really stood up for him and pulled this together."

Organizers aren't sure how much money they'll need for their tribute to Officer Logan, but it shouldn't take long to build.  They say Centennial Park in Huntington is the perfect spot.

Officer Jason Capps said, "He dedicated himself to this city, so we'd like to get a monument just to represent him, so people can go and have picnics and see what he's done for this town."

"This is the first step to a big plan," said City Secretary Betsy Gregson.  "We planned something really nice and we plan to have a circular drive.  It'll be a very beautiful monument."

Officer Logan was shot in the head and back. The gunman later killed himself.

The City of Huntington will have a march Monday afternoon at the civic center. March 14th is the one year anniversary of Officer John Logan's death.