Police Say Domestic Disturbances Are Similar To Hostage Situations

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Davis

Police are still investigating the death of a Lufkin woman shot and killed by her own ex-husband.

Authorities say 42 year-old Jimmy Davis murdered Sheila Davis Thursday night at her home just off Bartmess Street.  Just before she died, Sheila Davis made a frantic 911 call to police, because her ex-husband wouldn't let her leave the house.

Investigators say this happens often during domestic disputes.  Police say domestic disturbances are harder to negotiate than actual hostage situations because the spouse doesn't want anything in return.

Harold Cottle said, "He has what he wants right there and doesn't have the mindset of bargaining or trying to negotiate for anything, so it makes it a lot more difficult."

Jimmy Davis is in the Angelina County jail charged with murder.