Lufkin ISD joins worldwide "Hour of Code" to support computer science

Lufkin ISD joins worldwide "Hour of Code" to support computer science
Soure: KTRE Staff
Soure: KTRE Staff
Soure: KTRE Staff
Soure: KTRE Staff
Soure: KTRE Staff
Soure: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin ISD is "making coding cool." They have joined the national push called "Hour of Code." It's a push for all students to learn coding or computer programming. Lufkin ISD has not only been excelling but have also been enjoying the opportunity to code.

"It's really fun," said Clive Potts, a student at Brookhollow Elementary.

Coding is a series of step-by-step commands entered into a computer to tell it what to do.

"It's a good way to teach kids and have fun at the same time," Potts said.

The entire Lufkin ISD district is giving their kids a taste of the innovative method of learning for a week straight.

"It's fun, and when I mean fun, I mean really fun!" Potts said.

It's fun but extremely educational, too. "Hour of Code" is happening worldwide, and Lufkin ISD joins the rest of the world as creative juices flow and stimulate the mind for STEM subjects.

"Our kids are getting out of school, and they don't know how to do this. We are hiring people from other countries," said Ana Lillard, a teacher at Brookhollow Elementary.

"We need to get our kids ready for the 21st century jobs that are going to be out there," said Jamie Mahan, a teacher at Dunbar Primary.

"It gives you hints, so you can know what to do, but do it on your own," Potts said.

The kids are cracking the code, but so are the teachers. They are breaking into new ways to enhance problem-solving skills, logic, and creativity.

"We want all kids, not just a specific group, to have this opportunity," Mahan said.

"There's computer science in the medical field, entertainment, education, just about everywhere there is computer science," Lillard said.

Once the students complete the week of coding, they will be awarded a certificate. Teachers said they are cracking a code of their own.

"All kids have some gift, and we've got to find what that is," Mahan said.

Teachers at several schools agreed that even students who don't normally excel in certain subjects are improving while learning coding.

Rafranz Davis is the executive director of Professional and Digital Learning at Lufkin ISD. She is heading up the Hour of Code.

Davis was at the White House representing Lufkin ISD and learning more about this initiative.

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