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Health Watch: How waist training can affect your body

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As a way to get that perfect body shape, some women have substituted their normal workouts for a piece of clothing that tightens their core more than it needs to be -- waist training.

It’s an old fashion corset that's making a comeback. It's used to help shape a woman’s body, giving them that hourglass-like desired figure, while others say it also helps with posture.

Waist training first gained its popularity growth through the help of big name celebrities who showed themselves waist training.

But is all the crushing really worth the time?

“It extenuates my hourglass.  It definitely made me have a tinier waist," said Yanei Acosta, of Nacogdoches. 

Acosta, an Stephen F. Austin State University student, has been waist training for several months to change her body. 

“I first saw it on an app, then later saw it on my suite mate. Then once I actually had it on it looked nice on me and it made the clothes I wanted to wear better. I thought I looked great, I couldn’t breathe that well but you know beauty is pain. So it worked," said Acosta. 

However, not everyone agrees with Acosta's results. 

 “Overtime, if you are adjusting the rib cage, bones can get out of whack, the rib-cage can get out of whack, and you can get everything associated with the bones," said Dr. Mark Faries, SFA Kinesiology and Health Science Professor. 

Many women use the corset as a way to make their waist smaller, but according to Dr. Farie the women waist training don't realize they are un-evening their body.

“As the waist to hip ratio goes down to .7, .6, .5, it tends to get smaller at the waist and bigger at the hips. Now that can happen in two ways, you can get a smaller waist or a larger hips or sometimes even both," said Dr. Faries. 

After months of waist training, Acosta has come to terms that she won’t use the corset as often, for she says “I’ll wear it for special occasions but not on a daily base.” 

KTRE Fall Intern Iris Rios reported this story.

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