San Augustine one step closer to becoming state's 'greenest' city

San Augustine one step closer to becoming state's 'greenest' city
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - 'The Greenest City in Texas'; it's a title that will soon be bestowed upon an unlikely place, San Augustine.
It was back in October when electric company Integrated Power Systems initially presented the plan to the San Augustine City Council to move forward with research into building a solar plant in the city.

That plan has since been approved and today IPS executives were back in town making that deal official.
"Now, we can sign the power of purchase agreement, where the city agrees to buy the power and we build the system," said Jeff Pointer, Project Developer for Integrated Power Systems.

It's a multi-million dollar deal, one that will have the city going green and saving green. It's a welcomed relief to residents who say electricity prices are unbearable. 

"Very high prices, two to three hundred dollars, three to four hundred dollars, light bills that nobody around here can really understand," said Vanessa Galloway.

Galloway has lived in the area and paid such prices for the past two years. Prices that are taking their toll on the family budget.

"We all work hard and we still can't understand why we have to pay such a high light bill," Galloway said.

And now, an answered prayer, all in the form of energy from the sun.

"It'll be a tracker system where we sit it down and it follows the sun. Once we do that we go in, they come in and clear all the woods, level it off and we start digging holes," Pointer said.

And along with cheaper prices comes a new honor for the city.

"San Augustine will be the 'Greenest City in Texas'. It'll be 50 percent green because they would be buying 50 percent of their power from us," Pointer said.

Music to Galloway's hears.

"Great! Everybody around here probably would love that because that would be great," Galloway said.

City officials have narrowed the solar plants future site down to two locations. Once a site is selected, they plan for construction to be completed in the next four to six months.

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