Huntington Commemorates First Anniversary Of Officer's Death

Angelina County Sheriff  Kent Henson read a poem Monday that described the heroic, but often dangerous job Officer John Logan had.  It couldn't begin to describe the pain that came with his death.

Officer John Cooper said, "I pray for him daily and think about him daily; everytime I get in the patrol car I think about him."

Months have passed since his death, but wounds have not healed for the Logan Family.  The way Officer Logan died never gets easier to deal with.

Judy Tvrz said, "I help my sister each day with the baby.  He's four years old now.  He still asks for his daddy a whole lot, real often.  He's getting ready to start school this next term.  My sister misses her husband."

Chief David West called Officer Logan's death a big loss for the entire community he served and loved, not just for the police department.

"It is a reminder each and every day, especially being such a small community. We drive by the spot where he died multiple times a day and we have that area to remind us what happened."

City leaders plan to build a monument in Officer Logan's honor at Centennial Park in Huntington.  Over the weekend, the police department collected almost $10,000 at a fundraiser to help pay for that tribute.

Officer Logan was just 33 years old when he was shot and killed.  He left behind a wife and three kids.

The man who shot Logan committed suicide that same day.