Angelina Co. thief steals Christmas

Angelina Co. thief steals Christmas

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A real-life Grinch has hit Angelina County the week before Christmas. The thief or thieves have been burglarizing several homes in the Pineywoods. One of the victims, said they took gifts but not her Christmas spirit.

Tiffany Hightower, a mother of three, came from her parents' house Monday night and noticed something was off.

"My ten year old said, mom the door is open do you think we were robbed," Hightower said. I said no, the wind blew it open."

She came home to missing televisions, iPads and nothing left under the tree.

"You'd never think it would be you or your home," Hightower said. "You walk in and you find out somebody you don't even know has been in your home. They just took what they wanted, things that were important to you."

"It's sad, the victim is the person affected by this," Sheriff Greg Sanches, Angelina County. "Anytime that something is stolen, they're the ones that pay the price."

Hightower's five-year-old took the news of the burglary the worst.

 "He asked me if I could write a letter to Santa and let him know that our presents got stolen," Hightower said. "I told him it was fine don't worry about it."

Although the gifts are gone, her Christmas spirit is still alive. Hightower said, she's just thankful the thief had left before she and her children returned.

"It scares people to know that somebody invaded their house, and the fact that they lost items in their house that they may not even replace," Sanches said.

"I just thank god that we didn't walk in on them,"

Sanches said if you see something, say something. The best thing to do is document your items so they can be tracked.

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