Lufkin TXDOT campaign encourages drivers to 'Plan while you can'

Lufkin TXDOT campaign encourages drivers to 'Plan while you can'

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The number one cause of accidents during this time of year is alcohol. Last year, 2,411 crashes were tied to drunk driving around Texas.
That's why you'll see a lot more law enforcement on the roads this year.

It's a busy time of year for East Texans.

"Shopping for friends and family, going to have our Christmas this weekend, so got to get it done," Melanie Gore, Lufkin resident said.

With shopping and family functions at the top of everyone's list, more East Texans will be out and about. However, while you're out enjoying your holiday and traveling there could be a bump in the road.
"We have lots of construction in all nine counties," Rhonda Oaks, TXDOT spokesperson said. "Maintenance and construction projects are going on during the holiday season."

Oaks said patience is key when driving through any of the construction sites during this holiday season.

"It may take a little extra patience, we want drivers to slow down and pay attention to other drivers," Oaks said. "Pay attention to our detours, we've got a lot going on."

This is why county and state officials are encouraging drivers to ditch the car keys after throwing back a glass of eggnog. TXDOT's, 'Plan While You Can Campaign' is to remind drivers to drive responsibly. 

"The push this year is to plan ahead before you get out there to your parties," Oaks said.  "Everybody wants to celebrate the holidays, but plan ahead, plan for a sober driver. That doesn't mean the person who had the least amount to drink that means the person who had nothing to drink."

Law enforcement will be on high alert watching out for any traffic violations.

"Most of what they look for in our areas of work will be speeders, and I know they are a part of our plan while you can campaign," Oaks said. "They watch for drivers who may be impaired."

So don't end up on the naughty list this holiday season and drive safe.

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