Domestic Violence Can Continue After Divorce

It was last week when Sheila Davis was shot and killed by her ex-husband. Friends and family were getting ready Monday to say their final goodbyes.

Sheila Davis worked at a cell phone store in Lufkin. So great was the loss of their fellow co-worker, the store closed down early Monday so employees could attend the visitation.

"She was a beautiful person. Beautiful personality. Real outspoken. A real go-getter. She helped everyone... everyone loved her. There wasn't a person that didn't love Sheila." says LaWanna Scott, one of Sheila's former co-workers.

It was this past Thursday when Sheila made a call to 911 dispatchers, saying her ex-husband would not leave her house. It wasn't long after that when Jimmy Davis allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife. Margi Preston, director for the Women's Shelter of East Texas, says the danger of domestic violence doesn't ease up when someone leaves a relationship.

"When somebody actually leaves for good, that does increase the risk of that person being fatally injured... according to domestic violence statistics."

No one else at Sheila's place of employment wanted to go on camera. But you could tell by what they said off camera, Sheila Davis will be missed.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at one o'clock at the First Baptist Church in Huntington.