Latest phone scam targets East Texans

Latest phone scam targets East Texans
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A warning for all East Texans with a debit card. Residents say an unknown number is calling pretending to be the 'Commercial Bank of Texas Fraud Center'. The automated voice alleges your card has been locked and you need to enter your card number and pin to unlock it.

"It said 'Hello, this is Commercial Bank of Texas', said Betty Ann Taylor.

It's a call Betty Ann Taylor got Saturday, from who she thought was her bank, with news her debit card was compromised.

"They asked me to put my number in because they had locked my card. So I put my number in and then I realized 'wait a minute, there's something wrong here'", Taylor said.

And her gut instinct was right. Taylor, who just returned from vacation, had just become the victim of the latest Robodial Scam.

"What happens is, perpetrators of this particular type of crime get a hold of some phone records in a geographic area and they program into a computer and that computer dials hundreds, if not thousands of phone numbers an hour," said Tim Leonard, Chief Information Officer, Commercial Bank of Texas.

All for the chance at access to your hard-earned dollars this holiday season.

"People are more likely to go through those prompts during the holiday season because they're really relying on those cards in the holiday season. If they feel like it's going to be turned off or locked, then they're more likely to go through those prompts," Leonard said.

Something scammers not only know but count on. And it's a problem affecting not just Commercial Bank of Texas customers, but likely anyone with a debit card in East Texas.

"It's traumatizing, it really is. It's a scary thing and we don't know who's doing it and that's another scary thing," Taylor said.

No word on who's to blame but as for a general rule the next time you think your bank is calling you…

"A bank is not going to call you and ask you to enter or tell somebody your card number and your PIN information. That should be a big red flag that you just need to hang up the phone," Leonard said.

Experts say if you have received a similar call and you entered your card information, you should call your bank immediately to have that card canceled and another one issued.

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