Former Miss Texas discusses Miss Universe gaffe

Former Miss Texas discusses Miss Universe gaffe
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff


It was a cringe-worthy moment for most as Steve Harvey announced he had named the wrong contestant the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant, but it was especially hard to watch for former Miss Texas Tara Watson-Watkins.

"I've seen mistakes happen, but never quite like that," said Watson-Watkins. "I'm just so sad for the girls."

Although this unfortunate mistake has never happened to Watson-Watkins personally, she can relate to how terrible it would feel.

"Well you would be very disappointed, I mean it is years and years of hard work and preparation and you just wait for that moment to finally pay off," Watson-Watkins explained.

However, she wasn't watching the pageant when the wrong winner was announced.

"Social media is how I found out about it," Watson-Watkins said." I didn't even know it was on TV."

In fact, most people heard about it via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more as the news took social media by storm.

"Oh my gosh, I cannot believe this happened so immediately I went to Youtube to see what happened," Watson-Watkins said. "I just think social media just plays such a big role."

What would Watson-Watkins have done if she were put in that same situation?

"I think that if it would've happened to me, I would've handled it with the grace and dignity that my mom and dad raised me to have and I would've been very happy for the other person," Watson-Watkins said.

This is exactly how she thought both Miss Columbia and Miss Philippines handled themselves, with grace and dignity. Watson-Watkins also said she believes they will take this moment and all of the publicity that came with it and turn it into a positive.

"The best part about it is everybody is going to come out on top here because both girls are going to get a lot of recognition and their names are going to be out there," Watson- Watkins explained. "I think something great is going to happen with both girls."

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