Kids Who Commit Crimes Are Not Always Held Responsible

The law says anyone under the age of 10 is not responsible for any crime they commit, but that doesn't mean no one is to blame.

In the case of the four-year-old who shot his brother in the head over the weekend, charges are likely to be filed.

Lt. Gerald Williamson said, "The parent will be held responsible or the person who actually left the firearm in a state where the four year old could gain access to the weapon."

Making a firearm accessible to a person under the age of 17 is a serious crime that happens every day.  It's a common, careless mistake.

"If a parent stores the weapon in a nightstand next to their bed, which is very common, that could be a violation of the law if the child could easily obtain the weapon and the weapon is stored in an easily, readily dischargeable state."

Gun locks are available at the Lufkin Police Department and Angelina County Sheriff's Office.  The gun locks are free, but saving someone's life is priceless.

The mother of that four-year-old Houston boy accused of shooting his little brother has not been arrested.  The law states she cannot be arrested until seven days after the incident, so the family can have time to grieve.