Lufkin ADAC: Beer flavored candy could lead to alcohol addiction

Lufkin ADAC: Beer flavored candy could lead to alcohol addiction

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There's a new type of candy that's attracting the attention of kids and young adults that, despite it's likely intentions, could have serious consequences: alcoholic beverage flavored candy. 

"No, this is not for kids," Ella Moreland, an East Texan resident said.

It's a candy that won't leave you with a sweet taste in your mouth.

"It tastes like the aroma of beer," Moreland said.

"It tastes like honey," Frankie Robledo, an East Texan said.

It's not your typical jelly bean candy, but it definitely stands out. The packaging alone attracts more than just adults.

Kim Simmons with ADAC in Lufkin said the candy can send the wrong message to East Texas youth.

"Kids are coming up with them, and wanting to buy them," Simmons said. They are beer flavored, champagne flavored or mixed drink flavored. It does send a message to the kids, which is different from what we're trying to teach them."

Simmons said the candy can lead to more than just a trip to the dentist, it could possibly lead to a life of addiction if kids begin to associate candy with alcohol.

"I think that any time that kids get comfortable with a beer can, a champagne bottle, or the taste of beer in a candy flavored format, it's a risk factor," Simmons said.

"This is definitely not something that we would want our youth to participate in," Moreland said.

Simmons said the best thing to do is educate.

"Whether it's through social media or through school, they're getting the information," Simmons said. "Us as parents we provide a way of direction of what the dangers could be, what the laws are associated with it. It's just important that we let the youth know."

Simmons said this time of year is when kids will see adults drinking at family holiday parties, that's the best time to have a talk. Such as the importance of waiting until you're 21 to have an alcoholic drink.

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