Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 12/23/15

Las Potocinas, 2904 South St.: 18 demerits for improper labeling, keep foods covered, backflow preventer needed, blocked access path, improper disposal.

Taquitos La Pasadita, 1006 South St.: 17 demerits for employee drinks in food prep area need lid and straw, keep foods covered, paper towels needed at all handwash sinks, replace one thermometer, keep ice scoop in clean container.

Taqueria Los 3 Potros, 1622 South St.: 11 demerits for keep foods covered, need backflow preventer and re-label spray bottle.

Pueblo Viejo, 2900 South St.: 10 demerits for discard one watermelon, provide thermometers for all coolers, keep ice scoop in clean container.

North Food Mart, 5105 North St.: Eight demerits for keep coolers wiped down, all sandwiches need expiration date stamp.

Pizza Hut, 2508 South St.: Six demerits for weatherproofing, sanitary solution.

Auntie Pasta's, 211 Old Tyler Rd.: Four demerits for discarded several dairy products.

Szechuan: 3308 North St.: Four demerits for keep boxes and buckets of food and sauces stored off cooler and freezer floors.

McDonald's, 1717 North St.: Three demerits for replace one spatula.

Newk's, 114 North Village: Three demerits for replace three spatulas.

Popeye's, 1519 N. University Drive: No demerits.

Sonic, 2903 North St.: No demerits.

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