Lufkin gym helps burn off holiday meals

Lufkin gym helps burn off holiday meals

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - If you're feeling guilty about overeating during the holidays, you're not alone. In fact, a lot of East Texans are rushing to the gym to sign up for memberships. Some said they're preparing for the New Year.

"They do flood the gym," Abril Wright, a personal trainer at HAAS gym in Lufkin said. "They want a new year, a new them. So they come in and try to work out."

"It was time for me to lose some weight," Deidra Leach, a HAAS gym member said. "I came in for that and fell in love with them."

Now that the holidays are coming to an end many East Texans are switching gears, from the mall to the gym. They're ready to burn off those holiday meals.

"After the holidays everybody is looking to work out those Thanksgiving and Christmas pounds they put on, I am as well," Leach said. "It is a mindset, you have to really be ready to make a change.  If you can do that then you can do anything."

A trend that's coming back is cardio kickboxing, which works out your total body, and mind.

"When we're doing the combos your mind is going to be thinking, so your mind is going to be sharp," Luis Maldonado, a boxing trainer at HAAS gym said. "It really helps you defend yourself, and it's good to get in shape very quickly. Your cardio will be through the roof within a month."

A major key to getting fit, is staying motivated.

"It's about physical, mental and just being around positive people that's going to keep you motivated," Wright said. "You can't be around people that are going to cause you to fall in the pit of eating bad."

While signing up for a gym membership is a good way to get started on a healthy lifestyle, Wright said it takes more than just exercise to do the trick.

"It's everything, its physical, mental, and diet as well," Maldonado said. "What you put into your body is what you put out."

Trainers advise you to sign up for classes to keep your cardio up. As far as dieting, it's all about portions and eating clean.

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