Nacogdoches PD: South Street Subway robbed at gunpoint

Nacogdoches PD: South Street Subway robbed at gunpoint

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Monday night robbery of a Nacogdoches Subway is under investigation.

Excellent video helped out some, but as the robber's quick steps and evasive action prevented anyone from obtaining a clear description.

The Monday night robbery happened at the South Street Subway, where fast foods, gas stations, hotels and traffic serve as great distractions to an armed robbery. General manager Josiah Hartzler works the day shift, but his night crew told him all about it.

"Well they said just some guy that was hooded and had a mask on, a ski mask, came in and he came around the side," said Josiah Hartzler, the restaurant's general manager. "They were back doing some cleaning getting ready to close, and then he just put a gun on them and asked them to empty the safe into the bag, and they did what they were told. Our procedure is to stay out of danger as much as possible and then he just walked out the door."

Detective Bob Killingsworth with the Nacogdoches Police Department utilized high quality surveillance video recorded by five cameras.

"One of them picks up our suspect coming in the north side door," Killingsworth said.

The robber knew to stay behind the scenes.

"He'll come to this point and stop. There he is," Killingsworth said while narrating the surveillance video. "And he stops right there."

A mask, sunglasses, hoodie and gloves prevent a clear identity. Detectives picked up on other clues.

"Probably around five-foot-three, five-foot-four, light build," Killingsworth said.  Then with a chuckle, he added, "Seemed to be young, but polite, believe it or not."

Seconds after the robber runs away to the northeast exit, the police were called.

"That's it," Killingsworth said.

Patrol officers arrived in one minute as they were two doors down the road. However, armed robbers are quick, too.

"He entered the door at 8:08 and was gone at 8:09.30," Killingsworth said.

Detectives and Subway are commending the employees for making all the right moves.

"They knew exactly what they were supposed to do and went ahead and did exactly what they were told to do, and they were in as safe as a situation as it could be," Hartzler said. "I figured if any situation gives you the day off it's that to get their wits back to them."

Police continue the investigation. Robberies and burglaries are the most difficult of all crimes to solve.

Nacogdoches Police advise all businesses to review or develop procedures to take during a robbery.

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