Club Keeps Kids Off Streets, Out Of Trouble

Pool, foosball and basketball are just a sample of many after school activities kids enjoy.  When school is out, there is more potential for trouble.

A 13-year-old who goes to the Boys and Girls Club is on probation for various crimes.  He comes to the club to stay on the right track and perform community service.

"It's fun up here," he said.  "[I] play games and do stuff like that; clean out storage buildings up here."

While the Boys and Girls Club is a safe place for many kids, others just think it's a lot of fun.

"They teach you a bunch of stuff to learn your work and have fun, play games, do soccer [and] football," said Wesley Mills.

Kids aren't the only ones who benefit from what the club has to offer.  It's convenient and affordable for parents who want their kids to learn and stay active even when they're away from class.

Tammy Williams said, "It keeps the kids off the streets and it saves a parent money with after school daycare, because daycare's a whole lot more expensive than sending your children here.  I have sent my children to daycare before, so it's just a life saver for me."

That makes the club a place people of all ages can enjoy throughout the year and keeps this time away from school productive, instead of destructive.

Currently, 12 students on probation perform community service at the Boys and Girls Club of Deep East Texas.