Nacogdoches Family Loses House In Fire

Mandy Ward got out of the house in time.

"My daughter-in-law woke me up, they got children the children out, I was asleep when everything happened," Ward said.

It was a scary Wednesday morning for a Nacogdoches family. They woke up smelling smoke, because their house was on fire. Ward, her son, and grandchildren are thankful to be alive.

Not much will be saved from the fire that destroyed two of the backrooms and did heavy smoke damage to the rest of the house. Now, the family will have to look for a new place to stay.

Ward said, "We plan on trying to find another place to live. We have no insurance, but the person we rent this house from said he would let us stay in one of his rent homes."

The fire department had the fire under control in about fifteen minutes. The fire is still under investigation. Ward believes the fire may have been caused by an electrical problem.