More Exercise Time

by Jessica Cervantez

The government has a new recommendation when it comes to exercise. And for many, it's a big surprise. Experts now say exercising for 90 minutes everyday might be the ideal amount of time for many people, much more time than previously advised.

Cynthia Ballew hits the gym Monday through Friday for an hour a day. She says 90 minutes would be too much.

Ballew said, "It would be darn near impossible."

John Griffin, a trainer at the Court Club, said, "You don't have to have it done all at one time, you can go to the gym for a little bit, even park your car farther to get more exercise."

Health experts say you don't have to hit the weights, you can take a walk on the treadmill, or even do some physical activity.

Experts behind the recommendation say 30-minutes of exercise a day, is enough for most people. But the guideline suggests if you were overweight at one time, you might need to work out for 90-minutes to keep the weight off.

The guidelines are being used to update the government's food pyramid. The new pyramid will be out soon.