Couple welcomes Lufkin's first baby of 2016

Couple welcomes Lufkin's first baby of 2016
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Meet little Merrick Looney. Only one day old and he always has a huge title next to his name: Lufkin's first baby of 2016.

"I was surprised. Yeah, surprised! Absolutely," said Dr. Hunter and Amber Looney.

The two are still in a whirlwind, simply trying to wrap their heads around the last 24 hours. An ordinary night, quickly turning into anything but.

"I was actually sound asleep. I was crawling back into bed when that happened. She woke me from dead sleep and said 'Uh, I think my water broke'. I said okay, we've got to go," The Looneys said.

And off they rushed to Lufkin's Woodland Heights Medical Center. And in matter of hours their family had grown…certainly sooner than they expected.

"My due date was actually January 12th, however we found out at our 36 week visit that he was breached. So we went ahead and scheduled a cesarean for January 8th," Amber said.

But little Merrick had plans of his own, making his debut at 1:29 am on Saturday, January 2nd. Marking both the start of his life and the end of a not-so-smooth 9 months for mom Amber.

"It was an awful pregnancy. Honestly, it was hard. I underestimated pregnancy, absolutely," Amber said.

Weighing in at 9lbs, 1oz and stretching 20 ½ inches, baby Merrick is a first for not only Lufkin in 2016, but for the couple as well.

"The first one after the New Year rang in, that's was a big surprise. It's exciting," Amber said.

A big surprise, coupled with a big love for their new bundle of joy.

"Look at this little guy, he's so cute," Amber said.

Mom, dad and little Merrick all plan to head home on Monday.

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