Trinity County still undecided on open carry law and courthouse

Trinity County still undecided on open carry law and courthouse

GROVETON, TX (KTRE) - The new Open Carry law in Texas has been in effect for several days and county courthouses are still looking at ways to deal with the issue.

Many East Texas counties have already banned open and concealed carry. Trinity County is still looking at the issue.

"We were waiting on getting an opinion from the [Attorney General's] office and then with the holiday did not have time to get a vote done," Trinity County Judge Doug Page. "The opinion makes it seem that we would not even be allowed to ban guns in the courtroom, but that's just an opinion."

Page said the commissioner's court would be voting on the issue at the next commissioner's court on Jan.12.

"Anyone that comes on these courthouse grounds I feel that I have an obligation to protect," Page said.

The commissioners seem to be on board with Judge Page.

"I am very concerned,"Commissioner Neal Smith said. "There is too many emotions when you go to the courthouse. There are all these emotions that people have."

"You got the hallways and you got the inmate travel back and forth through the hallway and the common area and if somebody is standing there and if someone is standing around with a gun it could be a scary situation," Commissioner Tiger Worsham said.

Neal said he is for gun rights he just thinks there should be limits.

"I believe in the 2nd amendment and the right to bare arms but I believe their are places for it and places not for it," Smith said.

Worsham serves as the president for The Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association and said the group is working on a resolution that should protect courthouses in this debate on  where open carry is allowed.

"Form the association's standpoint, it's a judge's issue because of their safety and their courtroom," Worsham said. "We will be working with the legislature this next year to see changes."

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