Brothers recall losing childhood home in Hudson to fire

Brothers recall losing childhood home in Hudson to fire
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - It was the 911 call no one ever wants to make.

"911, Sheriff's office. Yeah, I have a fire at 226 Cripple Creek".

And when the Hudson Fire Department responded, bright yellow flames billowing from 226 Cripple Creek Road is what they saw.

"Oh my God, it was scary," said Edgar and Armin Solis.

Edgar and Armin both grew up in this house and on the evening of New Year's Day, they watched it burn down.

"I mean, I was just shaking really badly. I mean, when my dad ran over to tell me the house was on fire, I was just nervous. I couldn't even dial 911, I was just shaking real bad," Edgar said.

Crews responded around 8 p.m, about the time Armin received word.

"You need to come home right now, the house is on fire. I was like 'where is mom and dad?' And he was just like the house is on fire, you need to come right now. I wanted to make sure they were out of the house," Armin said.

Their parents, both in their 70's, escaped. Shaken up but unharmed.

But as firefighters sprayed water to douse the flames, something else was also washed away, over 30 years of memories.

"That's what kept in my head. Especially all the stuff my mom collected through the years. You know, all her furniture, all her pictures, all the stuff that she had, just…gone," Edgar said.

Fire crews believe it was an electrical fire. And as for the two brothers, they're left with one question.

"Why? Why did this happen to them? I mean, they worked real hard for what they built. It'll take me a while to understand it," Edgar said.

Neighbors say the couple is in need of everything including clothes and shoes. If you would like to help, donations are being accepted at the Clawson Assembly of God church in Pollok.

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