Two arrested in Cushing after dead and dying puppies found

Two arrested in Cushing after dead and dying puppies found

Nacogdoches County officials arrested two in Cushing on animal cruelty charges Tuesday.

According to Nacogdoches County Constable William Sowell, deputies responded to a call on  Dec 29. saying that Asia James and Christopher Collins were allegedly starving puppies at their home on the 900 block of 8th Street. The caller also said the living puppies were eating one of the puppies that had died.

Upon arrival, Deputy Hannah Wright discovered three dead puppies inside a fenced-in yard where one of the bodies appeared to be partially eaten. The deputy discovered three other puppies still alive but appearing to be in serious condition.

Wright said she did not see any food or water provided for the puppies.

One of the owners present agreed to surrender the three living puppies to the deputy, who then transported them to the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter, concerned they would die if they didnt receive immediate medical attention.

According to Sowell, once the puppies were turned over to the shelter, they were taken to a local veterinarian due to their poor condition. A preliminary report from the veterinarian’s office showed the puppies were malnourished and had other serious medical problems

County officials obtained warrants for James and Collins on animal cruelty charges. They were arrested Jan 5.

According to Sowell, the puppies are expected to recover.

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches Animal Shelter is nursing them back to health.

"They are all three females and she weighed eight and this is the five-pound one and this is the little four-pound one that had trouble walking," said animal control officer Jessy Wheeler.

Wright's first animal cruelty case was not a pretty sight.

"I saw one dead puppy in the yard," Wright said. "There was a half a body that had been eaten on of a puppy and then an unattached garage there was another puppy that was dead."

Wright placed the pups in the backseat of her patrol car for a trip to the animal shelter. The six-week-old pups were slowly and painfully starving to death.

"They were very, very close to passing themselves," Wheeler said.

After seven days of food, water and medication for a variety of intestinal disorders the pups are now acting more like puppies.

"The absolute concern on these puppies was immediate and if Deputy Wright had not come in these puppies would not be here," Wheeler said.

Wright, an animal owner herself, is grateful to the concerned citizen who placed the animal welfare call. She would like all animal owners to be responsible with their pets so fewer animals are mistreated.

"It was definitely an eye-opening experience," Wright said. "I hope to never to do this again, but it's part of my job and I'll take it as it comes.">

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