Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 1/7/16

Texas Travel Plaza, 4010 South St.: 18 demerits for proper labeling, need use-by dates on self-serve sandwiches, backflow preventers, proper storage needed on gasoline-powered item.

La Braza, 3714 South St.: 14 demerits for keep foods covered in coolers, backflow preventer, weatherproof all entries and exits, provide thermometers.

Asian City, 2732 North St.: 13 demerits for keep boxes and buckets of foods stored off cooler and freezer floors, cannot use handwash sink as food prep, paper towels needed at all sinks, keep ice scoop stored properly.

North Food Mart Deli and Grill, 5105 North St.: Nine demerits for can in handwash sink, need test strips, provide thermometers.

Adeel's, 2446 Northeast Stallings Drive: Eight demerits for discarded several drink products and two jars of mayonnaise, Philly sandwiches need use-by date in cooler.

Burger King, 2921 North St.: Seven demerits for ham slices in cooler need use-by dates, provide thermometer for all coolers and freezers.

Snow Fox Sushi, 1215 North St.: Six demerits for keep handwash sink accessible, need test strips.

Donut Palace, 5105 North St. #2: Four demerits for need four-hour rule chart for kolaches.

Java Jack's, 1122 North St.: Four demerits for discarded on dairy product.

The Frozen Goat Yogurt Bar, 1220 North St. #A: Four demerits for discarded several dairy products.

Carmike Cinema Snack Bar, 3801 North St.: Cap needed on cleaning solution or discard.

Marble Slab, 2425 North St.: Three demerits for re-label spray bottle.