Lufkin stores give alternative winter wear options

Lufkin stores give alternative winter wear options

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The lone star state is known for having pretty crazy weather. One day it feels like winter and by the end of the week it could feel like summer. As the old East Texas saying goes, if you don't like the weather wait a couple of hours it'll change.

The world wind temperatures make it hard for east Texans to shop at a fashionable price. However, one way to stay chic and warm is to layer up.

"They should layer their clothes," June Smith, Lufkin Resale Warehouse owner said. "They can wear a t-shirt and then a long shirt over that, then possibly a vest."

"The best thing to do is layer, we've got a lot of light layers in the store, and that way you can get a lot of basics," Jackie Ray, Lufkin Wildflower co-owner said. "Find yourself a light jacket or scarf, things like that you can layer instead of buying the heavy winter coats."

At some stores the price tag can make clothing racks look less attractive, but here's a trick, while shopping find something that's similar to some items you have at home. After that, dress it up.

"You don't need a whole new wardrobe every year, just add to the one you have," Smith said.

With a few additional pieces you can turn any summer look into a winter one.

"I think it's really finding your style and being able to find the store that shops the best for you and when you go in you love everything and feel comfortable in everything," Ray said.

"Things you might think are summer items we keep them in the store year round because the men do buy them," Smith said.

For those who have a hard time turning away from a pricey items here's a tip.

"You shop around, find the places that have things that fit you well that are inexpensive," Ray said. "Then you go buy those wow pieces that you can mix and match. That's the best thing you can do."

If you're a true bargain shopper, there's always resale and thrifty stores.

"Sometimes items are a forth or less than the original price," Smith said. "We do regular markdowns after an item has been here about 60 days we mark it half off."

Experts said another way to shop at a fashionable price, is to shop out of season. If you shop for winter in the spring, boots and scarves are sometimes marked about 75% less.

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