Raguet Elementary children raise money to support foster children

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The students at Raguet Elementary in Nacogdoches are giving back to their community in a significant way.

They went beyond all expectations in raising money to purchase and fill duffle bags for foster children here in East Texas.

Hand decorated duffle bags, filled with a teddy bear and other comforting items are teaching kindergartners to fifth graders that children can make a difference in a foster child's life.

"What we are doing is we are making a Sweet Case for foster kids cause, you know, they get trash bags, but they need something sweet," said first-grader Michael Wellsworth.

Sweet Cases will benefit foster children who are uprooted from familiar surroundings. The project also teaches the child volunteers you're never too young to make a difference.

"So it's not just like older people can do things," said fifth-grader Jalyn Hewitt. "It's that younger people can also help."

And did they ever. The school raised $700 for Sweet Cases, contents, supplies and shipping.

"We challenged them to raise 24 Sweet Cases and they had 24 classrooms," said Lindsey Turner, the curriculum and instructional coach. "They went above and beyond it. They had 28."

On Friday the Sweet Cases will be handed over to a CPS worker who just so happens to be Cody Claude's mom. The 5th grader grew up learning foster children need to be told, it will be okay.

"They're being taken to a safer environment for maybe a temporary time or a long period of time, so I think is this will give them something they can live for," Cody said.

Empathy and community service may be two lessons which serve these children for a lifetime.


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