Storm damage confines elderly woman, 5 grandchildren to living room

Storm damage confines elderly woman, 5 grandchildren to living room

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - Strong storms pushed through Deep East Texas Friday night, severely damaging one elderly woman's roof.

For 72-year-old Lydia Cantrell, a woman on disability, the home provides a place to live for five of her grandchildren.

"Right now I'm really depressed, I just want my kids to be okay," Cantrell said.

The grandmother of five said her world turned upside down after strong winds ravaged her roof.

"We were sitting in the living room, and we heard this loud noise, I thought a tornado had come," Cantrell said. "By that time, my roof was ripping off."

The roof was so badly damaged, you can see the outside standing inside the home. That damage ultimately caused flooding in the bedrooms.
"Their beds all got soaked, the furniture got soaked, and the clothes are all wet," Cantrell said.

Since the bedrooms are still drenched in water, Cantrell and her five grandkids are currently confined to the living room.

"I just want a place that's safe for my kids," Cantrell said.
Although Cantrell does not own the home, she's not been in contact with her landlord, who Cantrell said is serving overseas.

"I talked to my family, and of course they said we can come there but they don't have room," Cantrell said. "Actually, right now we don't have anywhere to go."

A roofer said the damage is beyond repair.

"He said it was all messed up and it couldn't be used," Cantrell said. "He said it would cost too much to try to re-deck it and put a new roof in."

Cantrell is turning to her faith in hopes that things get better.

"All I can do is turn it over to God and trust and believe in him," Cantrell said. "My main concern is my five kids being okay."

Cantrell said they had only been renting that house for two months. She said she's working to contact the landlord's wife, who lives in Oklahoma.

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