Court Date Reset For Former County Employee

Angie King was quiet as usual in court Thursday.  It's only been a few months since she quit her job as the sheriff's secretary and turned herself in to Nacogdoches County authorities.  A grand jury later indicted King for forgery, theft, and theft by a public servant.

Attorney John Heath said, "We're still in negotiations, good faith negotiations with the state.  We'll either resolve it or we will not."

Angie King still owes Nacogdoches County thousands of dollars.  Instead of entering a plea, she could be heading to trial.

"We either resolve the case or pick a jury here in a couple months," Heath said.

Last summer, Texas Rangers and county authorities spent weeks investigating their bank records and King's bank statements looking for the missing money. King is accused of stealing from several accounts, including the East Texas Peace Officer's Association and one that held payments for Columbia Shuttle commemorative T-shirts.

She'll have another chance to enter a plea at pre-trial in September.  If not, she'll go on trial October 17th.

Angie King has to come up with $57,000 to pay back the county.