Lufkin first-time buyers attracted to Powerball jackpot

Lufkin first-time buyers attracted to Powerball jackpot

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - One point four billion dollars is the amount up for grabs right now in the Powerball. It's also the biggest jackpot of all-time, and it has Lufkin residents filing into stores to try their luck.

Lufkin is feeling lucky. Store owners said  they've been selling thousands of dollars worth of Powerball tickets since that jackpot skyrocketed. 
They said they're noticing a lot of first timers buying tickets, too.

Scratch the scratch-offs. The Powerball has the power.

"I want two quick picks for the Powerball," Lufkin residents could be heard saying.

"People have been buying like crazy," said Mina Patel, MB Food Store Owner.

Lufkin residents making pit stops didn't walk out without at least one.

"As soon as I open the store in the morning at six, non-stop, I'm selling quick pick tickets," Patel said.

"There are a lot of people. Every time I stop at the store, somebody is buying Powerball tickets," said Kathie Mickey, Lufkin resident.

The chance for choosing the lucky numbers is slim, but 1.4 billion dollars was enough to attract some new people to the picking party.

"Everybody is buying...every single person," Patel said.

"A lot of people that have never played want to play," said Jessica Biggs, Store Manager of Bigs.

"Just on the spur of the moment I bought two quick picks, said Rubie Nabours, a Lufkin resident.

"This will be my first Powerball ticket in 27 years," said Alyshia Rushing, Lufkin resident.

"I never sold that many tickets at all," Patel said.

They're selling to regulars, groups, and even those who don't know how to pick numbers. Those who once thought playing these kind of games were a waste of cash, have had a change of heart.

"You can't loose with a dollar. A dollar can't make or break you," Rushing said.

"Hopefully, I get my hand in on part of it,"Mickey said.

One store owner said on Saturday alone, they sold four thousand dollars worth of Powerball tickets.  You can tune in to KTRE on Wednesday night to see just how lucky Lufkin is.

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