Volunteer firefighter reports bunker gear stolen from his truck at Lufkin store

Volunteer firefighter reports bunker gear stolen from his truck at Lufkin store
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Police Department is investigating an odd theft that occurred at the Walmart store located at 2500 Daniel McCall Drive Tuesday night.

"Came out and put my groceries in the back of my truck and noticed my bunker gear was missing," Bosquez said.

Thieves had snatched gear similar to this, used by Bosquez to fight fires.

"I guess they saw a big red bag and decided to take it," Bosquez said.

And the fire bags aren't lightweight, ranging anywhere from 30-50 pounds.

"I was kind of confused as to why they would steal my bunker gear, just assuming that they wanted to run to a house fire," Bosquez said.

The fire suit alone cost around $2,500 and that's not including the high-beam flashlights and special knives – items all essential when it comes to saving lives and keeping his community safe without it…

"I'm a sitting duck. I'm hoping it comes back because if we get a fire call or structure fire, because we also assist other fire departments, I'll just be standing there because I can't do anything until I get my bunker gear back," Bosquez said.

It's a job he does completely voluntary…

"The rush! Just getting the call, you know? Getting the call saying you've got a 10-50 here, a car wreck there, you've got a house fire there, it just gets you in the mood and makes you want to do it, help somebody," Bosquez said.

…and now they can't; a helping spirit, hindered, by what he describes as a senseless act.

"I'm just hoping for a chance to get back in the game because right now, all I can do is drive and stand there," Bosquez said.

Bosquez said if the person who stole the gear gives it back to him or takes it to the police department, no questions will be asked and no charges will be filed.

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