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Corrigan ISD helping students enter job field immediately after graduation

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Tuesday night, in his last state of the union, President Obama urged America to look at future job training in schools, a concept already well underway in Corrigan.

Corrigan-Camden High School has several programs that allow students to get training for jobs while in school. The district believes it is a great opportunity for the nearly 30 percent of students that will not go to college.

"It gives them an oppertunity," Principal Kyle Spivey said. "It gives them a look to see what their industry is going to look like. It gives them an idea of how important it is to finish their education"

S&B out of Houston and Roy O'Martin in Louisiana  currently have ciricullum in the school for welding and wood work.

"They are able to go out and start working in their career path and see what they have available for them," instructor Dallas Willis said.

The students have already got a first hand look at what could be there future. The students have taken two trips to Louisiana to visit the Roy O'Martin plants.

"I was amazed at how small they looked and then you went inside and saw how big it was," student Jaylon WIlliams said. ""It's a good oppertunity. If you don't have any plans to go to college you can go straight into the work field."

For many students, the idea of working right after high school is an idea they like.

"My father is a welder so I get some education at home and at school," Carter Felder said.

"I've learned a lot of things about Roy O'Martin," Jose Mercado said. "I learned all the processes, and what they offer. "

When the students finish the program in high school, they hope to end up here at the new Corrigan OSB plant that is under construction. The plant first approved a little over a year ago is on track to open in 2017, meaning many of these students will just be entering the job force and will have an inside track to employment. The Roy O'Martin program was brought to Texas after success in Louisiana where the company is based. We are told several students in the program are already being considered for jobs at the new plant.

Officials want to extend the program to Livingston and Lufkin.

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