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Gift of Love: Deborah

Deborah is looking for the Gift of Love Deborah is looking for the Gift of Love
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It was an afternoon of creativity and fun as Deborah learned how to make a flower arrangement at Moss. Deborah says that she likes school for the most part but it's swimming on the school's team that is her favorite.

"I do a 50 there and back and then I do a one hundred which is there and back 4 times and then a relay which is a 200 hundred relay which means each of us swim a 50," Deborah said.

She says she would also like to try volleyball her sophomore year.
This 15 year old also loves dogs and likes to keep up with the latest make-up and fashions. 

"I like R&B and rap. That's what I mostly listen to," Deborah said.

Deborah likes to read mystery and romance novels and she also enjoys vampire movies.

 "Twilight is my favorite, but then I like a series called Vampire Diaries. Like I would be glued to the T.V. if that was on," Deborah said.

Deborah says she is open to a single parent or two parent home and would like siblings.  Deborah is also open to living in the country or the city.

 "I would like a younger sibling like a baby because I like babies. So I would like that," Deborah said.

She would love to take a road trip with her forever family, go to the movies and just spend time together.  But most of all Deborah looks forward to experiencing the Gift of Love.

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